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A Note from the Cleaning Lady (Based on Actual Events)

Mr. H, I do not wish to come across as complaining, HOWEVER, as the designated cleaning lady of your home I would like to bring a few things to your attention. In the hall bathroom it appears as though some … Continue reading

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Stuffed Chicken Breast

This little delightful recipe takes a bit more time than my earlier posted recipes but well worth the extra 10 minutes of prep. The following feeds four people, basically one chicken breast for two people so feel free to adjust as needed … Continue reading

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Not so Random Ranting: Siri’s on my last nerve

A few years ago when the iPhone 4 came out I was due an upgrade with my cell provider. I had used a blackberry and for the most part had liked it but it was slow and was having glitches … Continue reading

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Contemplating Conceal Carry: Should You, Could You?

The 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms and 49 of the 50 States in America have the right to conceal and carry in some way. The choice to conceal and carry a gun for self-protection is a heated debate in America … Continue reading

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Yummy Chicken Noodle Soup

There is nothing like a nice warm bowl of chicken noodle soup on a brisk day. My recipe is easy and quick….the best of both worlds! 1 large can of chicken broth (I think it’s around 50 oz) 3 boneless … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the “B’s” – an RV story

When I married the first time around many moons ago, my then husband and I wanted to get a pop up camper. We went to the RV show when it rolled into town and decided it would be much more … Continue reading

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Not so Random Ranting – Etiquette When Speaking to a Skinny Petite Person

You might be laughing at my ranting subject today….laugh away my friends but the reality is if you are not petite you may not realize that some of the things you say to us little people is just plain out rude … Continue reading

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