Not so Random Ranting: Siri’s on my last nerve

Open the pod bay doors Hal

A few years ago when the iPhone 4 came out I was due an upgrade with my cell provider. I had used a blackberry and for the most part had liked it but it was slow and was having glitches after the last update so I traded the relic in for a shiny new iPhone 4. I’m not going to lie, I loved my iPhone 4 like a kid loves candy.

Of course less than a year later the iPhone 4s came out and my hubby decided (based on the commercials) that he needed Siri. He talked as though he was getting his own personal assistant that would do wonderful miracles for his unorganized life. I actually had fun playing around with Siri when he first got her. She was even kind of funny, HOWEVER, as soon as my hubby started using her I wanted to punch Siri in the digital face I picture her to have in my head.

And this is how Siri plays out in my everyday life: (please use a mono-toned robotic voice in your head when reading my hubby)

Hubby: Set…alarm

Siri: I could not find any farms near you

Hubby: no, seett a-lar-m

Siri: I could not understand what you said

Hubby: cancel, (mutes the TV) stupid phone……SET ALARM for 7:00am

Siri: You already have an alarm set for 7:00am, I turned it on

Me: you know you could have just clicked on the clock app and flipped the 7:00am alarm to “on” much faster than arguing with Siri.


Hubby: phone number for Marriott on south outer road in Grain Valley

Siri: I could not find anything named “marry out” in your area

Hubby: no, mar-ri-ott hotel Grain Valley

Siri: I found several Marriott’s near Kansas City


Siri: I’m sorry I did not get what you said, please ask again

Hubby: seriously this phone is stupid, it never gives me what I ask for

Me: (looking at my iPhone 4) Here’s the phone number, safari search could have brought that up faster than arguing with Siri. That’s why I didn’t see the point to pay $100 extra dollars for an application that argues with me.

Hubby: This phone does everything, keeps track of my reminders, lets me ask it to text people.

Me: and argues with you.


Don’t get me wrong, Siri seems helpful, (only if you talk correct Siri verbage, have ZERO noise around and are standing on your head correctly with toes pointed and singing Zippidy Do DAH), I do like her for the voice text back option (there’s an app for that for my 4 so again not worth the extra money to upgrade to Siri). All in all I just don’t think Siri lives up to her on-screen persona, she seems to have a great personality but not much else.




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I am a mother of 2, business owner and all around juggler of the daily chaos of life. DISCLAIMER: I am an expert on nothing, I'm just a mom here to blog about real life. If you share the same opinions and likes, WONDERFUL we will be great blogger friends! However if you do not share the same opinions I will like you as well as long as you are respectful in your differing opinions :) ALSO I am a mom so I reference motherhood in my blog, if you are a single dad or stay at home dad just replace MOM with DAD while you read and it all applies to you as well!
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