A Note from the Cleaning Lady (Based on Actual Events)

Mr. H,

I do not wish to come across as complaining, HOWEVER, as the designated cleaning lady of your home I would like to bring a few things to your attention.

In the hall bathroom it appears as though some in the house are still not aware what a towel racks purpose is. Wet towels crumpled on the sink not only make your home look dirty and unkempt, it also creates a foul musty odor that I can only imagine is due to bacteria growth within the towel and not good for the skin.

Additionally it appears as though the new protocol for when one is done shaving ones face is to leave the razor and shaving cream on the sink. Please confirm whether this is indeed the new protocol and I will leave the sink as is.

Last but not least it seems as though one of the two males that were up early this morning has not been trained properly on the use of their male parts when peeing. I do not have male parts but common sense tells me that there is a good size hole in which to aim the urine flow. Holding ones male part and aiming towards the middle of the big hole seems the best practice in order to avoid peeing all over the toilet seat and the floor. In addition it seems logical that if the males in question cannot seem to aim properly the least they could do is LIFT the toilet seat so their poor aim does not leave pee all over the main seat for the next unsuspecting person needing to sit. This has been an ongoing issue for some time, and I do not want to blame one individual over another, but reasonable deduction leads me to believe it is one particular male who is the peeing offender.

If my services as cleaning lady of your humble abode were paid services I would keep my complaints to myself, since I am an indentured servant working for free I have two options to compromise with this situation.

1. If the above continues then the male offender can be solely responsible for the proper cleaning of the bathroom in question.


2. The cleaning lady will no longer clean the bathroom in question and all males and guest of the H residence will have to deal with filthy sinks and urine covered toilets and floors.

Sincerely, Mrs. H – aka the cleaning lady


About Little Mom BIG World

I am a mother of 2, business owner and all around juggler of the daily chaos of life. DISCLAIMER: I am an expert on nothing, I'm just a mom here to blog about real life. If you share the same opinions and likes, WONDERFUL we will be great blogger friends! However if you do not share the same opinions I will like you as well as long as you are respectful in your differing opinions :) ALSO I am a mom so I reference motherhood in my blog, if you are a single dad or stay at home dad just replace MOM with DAD while you read and it all applies to you as well!
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15 Responses to A Note from the Cleaning Lady (Based on Actual Events)

  1. Yvette says:

    Too funny! HOW CAN THEY MISS?!?
    — Another Mrs. H (aka the cleaning lady)

  2. Karyn says:

    Experience has led me to believe that it is not possible to live in a house with any males without finding pee on the floor around the base of the toilet on a daily basis. They will never clean it up themselves, no matter how much you nag, because apparently the reeking odor of their testosterone riddled urine is a comfort to them that this territory has been thoroughly marked as theirs. So basically you’re looking at option #2, with frantic bathroom cleanings performed by you whenever guests are about to come over.

  3. mambolounge says:

    In this day and age with so many people out of work, I cannot believe you are actually complaining about your full-time job!

    • Well, I only approved your comment because I promised myself when I started my blog, I would, approve any comment as long as people were respectful, and I guess technically you just skimmed in on that. SO FOR THE RECORD my blogging friend, this blog has nothing to do with my full time job. IN FACT it was a humorous email I sent to my husband last month because him and the other 3 male children abiding in my home have issues with peeing on the bathroom floor. I am the “cleaning lady” at my home so that is all this is, no more no less. I actually leave my house for my “full time” job and I love my full time job.

      Have a great evening 🙂 Mrs. H

  4. Maggie O'C says:

    That is good stuff! I’m so happy I have girls! Thank you for finding my blog so that I could find yours!

  5. I agree male children – and aren’t they all – are hopeless in the bathroom – and you haven;t even begun to explain the horrors of domestic blindness which gets worse, inevitably, as they get older….You – like all cleaning ladies- paid or unpaid – are a heroine …

  6. insahmity says:

    When “The Maid” goes on strike in my house, she simply has to live in filth! Clever post!

  7. I am so stealing this letter and leaving for my Mr. H.!!!!! LOL! You think they’d be embarrassed about pee splash on the floor but NOPE!

  8. LOVE it! I thought this really was from a cleaning lady up until the end. Well done!

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