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A Phone Call – Makes the Wound Fresh Again

It didn’t help that I had not slept well. My back was one big spasm all night, making it impossible to find a comfortable spot to sleep. I have bags beneath my eyes large enough to smuggle small children in. Coffee. My dear husband … Continue reading

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The Art of Doing Nothing

In my busy, chaotic, life I have found that doing nothing is very challenging. Honestly, I’m not good at doing nothing and struggle even attempting it. I find that, often, I try to do nothing but something always pops up … Continue reading

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Let it Shine

Recently my family and I attended a lovely bon-fire. This was not a simple bon-fire, the fire was at least 20 feet tall; the fire was brilliantly amazing. As I sat on the ground, leaves all around, my little mini-me perched on … Continue reading

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I Humbly Accept This Nomination

Today I received notification that I had been nominated for an award… Beautiful Blogger Award! Wow…BIG smiles and no way, is what crossed my mind. My nomination came from a strong young woman, Prego and the Loon, whom has endured … Continue reading

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Anxiety, She’s Strong – My Inner Goddess is Stronger

Anxiety, oh Anxiety, wherefore art thou Anxiety? My inner Goddess is hunting you. To the outside world I seem to be a strong, confident, put together mom. For the most part all of that is true. I can organize, prioritize, cook, clean, … Continue reading

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Haunted By Halloween Past

In honor to the season of ghosts and goblins,  I am going to share a somewhat  scary, yet funny (OK, I’m still slightly traumatized by it) story from when I was about four. It all began on a stormy day. Wait, that’s a … Continue reading

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Stress Relief 101: Choke Someone

DISCLAIMER: For the record I do not encourage, nor support random punching, kicking or choking of people. This is referring to organized punching, kicking and choking only. This concludes the warning and disclaimer part of the post, continue on.  Had … Continue reading

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