Haunted By Halloween Past

In honor to the season of ghosts and goblins,  I am going to share a somewhat  scary, yet funny (OK, I’m still slightly traumatized by it) story from when I was about four.

It all began on a stormy day. Wait, that’s a little dramatic. It was a normal day to start, HOWEVER, there was a monster of a storm brewing in the distance as my Mother drove me towards my Great-Grandmothers house. I’m from the Kansas City area, and to get to my Great-Grandmothers, we had to travel I35 south through downtown, past the west bottoms, (not familiar, let me show you). The west bottoms is, for the most part, run down, abandoned buildings. In fact, this is the area where the haunted houses open up every Halloween season.

Now that you have a good visual of the dark, hellacious, tormenting storm coming towards me, (remember I’m 4 when this is going on), and the big scary buildings looming all around me, I can tell you the rest of the story.

The clouds were amazing this afternoon during ...

As my Mother is driving past the west bottoms area, I shrink to the floor board of the front passage seat of the car (this was before car seats were heard of). I peek up from the floor, glancing over the dashboard at the thunderous clouds racing towards me, trying to avoid making eye contact with the vicious buildings to the right of me, and say to my Mother in a most sincere and terrified voice:

“Mommy, Jack-O-Lees live in haunted houses and suck  your bleed all out!”

Lesson in Life 133 – If you see a scary building, with a thunderstorm coming, RUN LIKE HELL, or Jack-O-Lees might get you. At 33 I may or may not still believe this.


About Little Mom BIG World

I am a mother of 2, business owner and all around juggler of the daily chaos of life. DISCLAIMER: I am an expert on nothing, I'm just a mom here to blog about real life. If you share the same opinions and likes, WONDERFUL we will be great blogger friends! However if you do not share the same opinions I will like you as well as long as you are respectful in your differing opinions :) ALSO I am a mom so I reference motherhood in my blog, if you are a single dad or stay at home dad just replace MOM with DAD while you read and it all applies to you as well!
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2 Responses to Haunted By Halloween Past

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    hahaha. I’ve always hated Halloween and this is just one more reason, the Jack-o-lees bleed all out the children.

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