Keeping up with the “B’s” – Halloween

Mr. and Mrs. B are the king and queen of decorating for the Holiday’s. In fact, I think Mr. B might have a slight addiction to decorating that he may need therapy for to break (just kidding Mr. B…or not!).

Let me explain. I am a minimalist when it comes to decorating. I am perfectly happy with a couple fun little do-dads to put up outside. Mr. B and Mrs. B are professionals! They will get up at 4:30 am the day after a holiday to go buy decorations at 75% off. Now I’m not dogging that at all, kudos for their dedication to decorations! HOWEVER, I am not a morning person, nor do I like to deal with crowds (anxiety kicks in like a stealth ninja). So the thought of decoration shopping for the best deal at the crack of dawn does not really appeal to me.

My fancy decorations…there is a spider around my orange light, and Mr. Bones my grim reaper guy hangs in the middle of the front of my house.

Halloween has become bigger than Christmas as far as decorating goes. Mr. B started the last week of September putting up all his fun little blow-ups, (I think he said he had 12 of them. Yes you read that correctly, 12), strings of lights, even accent lighting for his blow-ups. This all looks quite amazing, and we have had drive by traffic on our block to check out the display. Their house was the hit of the neighborhood last night. Kids from near and far came to look and the “cool” house with all the lights. Hubby put up our little bit of decorations about the first week of October, this does include one blow-up for our yard. The entire time hubby was putting our stuff up he kept referencing: “well it’s a start, it’s better than nothing, it’s not like theirs but maybe we can add just a few things this year”.

Based on the monumental amount of decoration Mr. and Mrs. B have put up, I’m going to have to say there is no way hubby will EVER be able to compete on the Halloween decorations…unless of course he wants to get up, before day break, in the next few days and go mark down crazy shopping. If that’s the case I will stay home, wrapped up cozy in my warm bed, pat him on the back for his dedication to keep up with the B’s, and send him off to shop till his hearts content.

Mr.B’s Front Yard

Close up of the accent lighting

Headless horseman


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I am a mother of 2, business owner and all around juggler of the daily chaos of life. DISCLAIMER: I am an expert on nothing, I'm just a mom here to blog about real life. If you share the same opinions and likes, WONDERFUL we will be great blogger friends! However if you do not share the same opinions I will like you as well as long as you are respectful in your differing opinions :) ALSO I am a mom so I reference motherhood in my blog, if you are a single dad or stay at home dad just replace MOM with DAD while you read and it all applies to you as well!
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9 Responses to Keeping up with the “B’s” – Halloween

  1. I’m so grateful to all those people who go overboard on holiday decorating – I think it lets us under-achievers off the hook. Yay Mr B!

  2. wow…lights up the whole street…I love Halloween…but sheesh. Good on your for yer little ghostie…he’s cute.

  3. Holy over-achievers!!! LOL!!! I love Halloween but not even I would go to that much bother!!! Looks awesome though!!!

  4. Maggie O'C says:

    Whoa!!! I hung a wooden pumpkin up by my front door and that’s about all the effort I could muster. What the hell does the house look like at Christmas? You live next to Clark Griswold!

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