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The Power of Words

I have not written anything worthwhile for many months; strange for a person who loves words. I love words both oral and written. I love the way words weave a story or string a song around my soul. Without words … Continue reading

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Stress Relief 101: Choke Someone

DISCLAIMER: For the record I do not encourage, nor support random punching, kicking or choking of people. This is referring to organized punching, kicking and choking only. This concludes the warning and disclaimer part of the post, continue on.  Had … Continue reading

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Conversations With a Toddler: A Spy Glass and the F Bomb

For the past couple of days my daughter has been obsessed with wanting a spy glass/telescope. When we visit any store she asks if they have a telescope. Silly me I’m thinking about the cheap-o ones that don’t even really … Continue reading

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Not so Random Ranting: Siri’s on my last nerve

A few years ago when the iPhone 4 came out I was due an upgrade with my cell provider. I had used a blackberry and for the most part had liked it but it was slow and was having glitches … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the “B’s” – an RV story

When I married the first time around many moons ago, my then husband and I wanted to get a pop up camper. We went to the RV show when it rolled into town and decided it would be much more … Continue reading

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Not so Random Ranting – Etiquette When Speaking to a Skinny Petite Person

You might be laughing at my ranting subject today….laugh away my friends but the reality is if you are not petite you may not realize that some of the things you say to us little people is just plain out rude … Continue reading

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This little blog thing – OFFICIAL 10th post

A year or two ago I attempted the blog thing and managed to fail at it. Well maybe I didn’t fail, but there were one or two people who didn’t see the humor in me sharing difficult and sometimes funny life challenges … Continue reading

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