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Video of the Crime – Caught in the Act

I was clearing out some of the random photos and videos my daughter takes constantly. My phone had 487 pictures and videos on it! Most are just a few second videos of her making  a funny noise. A few are … Continue reading

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Twig and Berries With a Side of Gum

Have you ever wondered how to get gum off your skin? Honestly, I had never thought about that until I had a child. I’m sure my son and nephew will hate me later for sharing this….HOWEVER, it’s too funny to … Continue reading

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Funny Stuff my Toddler Says – 1

My daughter is hilarious, and after hearing all the negativity over elections the past few weeks, I decided I’m going to take the time to randomly blog some of the funny stuff she says to lift the negative spirits. ENJOY 🙂 … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the “B’s” – Halloween

Mr. and Mrs. B are the king and queen of decorating for the Holiday’s. In fact, I think Mr. B might have a slight addiction to decorating that he may need therapy for to break (just kidding Mr. B…or not!). … Continue reading

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The Art of Doing Nothing

In my busy, chaotic, life I have found that doing nothing is very challenging. Honestly, I’m not good at doing nothing and struggle even attempting it. I find that, often, I try to do nothing but something always pops up … Continue reading

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I Humbly Accept This Nomination

Today I received notification that I had been nominated for an award… Beautiful Blogger Award! Wow…BIG smiles and no way, is what crossed my mind. My nomination came from a strong young woman, Prego and the Loon, whom has endured … Continue reading

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Anxiety, She’s Strong – My Inner Goddess is Stronger

Anxiety, oh Anxiety, wherefore art thou Anxiety? My inner Goddess is hunting you. To the outside world I seem to be a strong, confident, put together mom. For the most part all of that is true. I can organize, prioritize, cook, clean, … Continue reading

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