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To my friends and family, or mere acquaintance battling silently or not so silently with depression

I want you to know that you are loved and you are needed, here with us. No matter how dark it is for you, no matter how far away you feel, you are loved and are needed here. This world, … Continue reading

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The Power of Words

I have not written anything worthwhile for many months; strange for a person who loves words. I love words both oral and written. I love the way words weave a story or string a song around my soul. Without words … Continue reading

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Opting Out of Social Media “Thankful”

Since November 1st the social media world has been inundated with the “30 days of thanks”. In case you live in  a vacuum, or do not delve into the social media circus, let me break it down for you. Every day this … Continue reading

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Raising a Man

My son is 12. He is quiet and thoughtful. Overly mature for his age, adventurous, rugged, and yet within him is a special kind of kindred spirit. As a mother I want to raise him to be more than just … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the “B’s” – Halloween

Mr. and Mrs. B are the king and queen of decorating for the Holiday’s. In fact, I think Mr. B might have a slight addiction to decorating that he may need therapy for to break (just kidding Mr. B…or not!). … Continue reading

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A Phone Call – Makes the Wound Fresh Again

It didn’t help that I had not slept well. My back was one big spasm all night, making it impossible to find a comfortable spot to sleep. I have bags beneath my eyes large enough to smuggle small children in. Coffee. My dear husband … Continue reading

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Let it Shine

Recently my family and I attended a lovely bon-fire. This was not a simple bon-fire, the fire was at least 20 feet tall; the fire was brilliantly amazing. As I sat on the ground, leaves all around, my little mini-me perched on … Continue reading

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