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The Power of Words

I have not written anything worthwhile for many months; strange for a person who loves words. I love words both oral and written. I love the way words weave a story or string a song around my soul. Without words … Continue reading

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The Art of Doing Nothing

In my busy, chaotic, life I have found that doing nothing is very challenging. Honestly, I’m not good at doing nothing and struggle even attempting it. I find that, often, I try to do nothing but something always pops up … Continue reading

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Anxiety, She’s Strong – My Inner Goddess is Stronger

Anxiety, oh Anxiety, wherefore art thou Anxiety? My inner Goddess is hunting you. To the outside world I seem to be a strong, confident, put together mom. For the most part all of that is true. I can organize, prioritize, cook, clean, … Continue reading

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Stress Relief 101: Choke Someone

DISCLAIMER: For the record I do not encourage, nor support random punching, kicking or choking of people. This is referring to organized punching, kicking and choking only. This concludes the warning and disclaimer part of the post, continue on.  Had … Continue reading

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The somewhat balanced life of a working Mom

In today’s society it seems (at least to me) that the “travel to an outside site for pay” work mom is now outnumbering the “stay at home take care of the kids, house, yard, bills, all for free” work mom. If … Continue reading

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