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Video of the Crime – Caught in the Act

I was clearing out some of the random photos and videos my daughter takes constantly. My phone had 487 pictures and videos on it! Most are just a few second videos of her making  a funny noise. A few are … Continue reading

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Funny Stuff my Toddler Says – 1

My daughter is hilarious, and after hearing all the negativity over elections the past few weeks, I decided I’m going to take the time to randomly blog some of the funny stuff she says to lift the negative spirits. ENJOY 🙂 … Continue reading

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Conversations With a Toddler: A Spy Glass and the F Bomb

For the past couple of days my daughter has been obsessed with wanting a spy glass/telescope. When we visit any store she asks if they have a telescope. Silly me I’m thinking about the cheap-o ones that don’t even really … Continue reading

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Karma Slap or Toddler Talk?

After giving birth to my first child 12 years ago I was happy to have a little bundle of boy. He has been mostly well-behaved, quiet and thoughtful about everything. Until he was eight I was 100% sure that having … Continue reading

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Traffic Cop 101

Call me paranoid but I’m thinking the Cop that drops his kids off at the same pre-school my daughter goes to has somehow slipped in some subliminal propaganda into the color sheets.  The only other explanation I can come up with is possibly my daughter was born to … Continue reading

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